Activity 4: Supply Speed Dating

Activity 4: Supply Speed Dating

© Andrew Banks 2014

© Andrew Banks 2014

Leader: Allana Pierce

Ever wondered what tools other Urban Sketchers use or what they’re like to work with? This activity will give you the chance to try 2-4 other Urban Sketchers’ setups and tools.  Participants will set up their urban sketching tools (chairs, notebooks, pens, paints, etc.) and prepare to make a sketch, BUT, before participants begin sketching, they will rotate to their left and sketch on their neighbors’ notebooks with their neighbors’ tools.  After sketching for a set time each participant will move to another location and try another sketcher’s tools!

If participants only occasionally bring along a seat, they are encouraged to bring it this time.

This activity will take place in a single location.

© Andrew Banks 2014

Trying out setups at last year’s “Supply Speed Dating” © Andrew Banks 2014



Activity 3: Urban Sketching as a Team Sport

Activity 3: Urban Sketching as a Team Sport

Leaders: Barbara Weeks & Don Colley

This activity is all about practicing collaborative sketching.  The team of sketchers will work on a preselected location.  We will huddle and decide on our formation (line or triangle or square) and work in collaboration to create an urban mural.  We will select our urban panorama and divide it into segments.  We will work on individual sheets, taking care to match image sizes with our neighbor sketchers on both sides.

This activity will take place in a single location.

Last year's "Urban Sketching as a Team Sport" © Andrew Banks 2014

Last year’s “Urban Sketching as a Team Sport” © Andrew Banks 2014

Activity 2: Make your own Watercolor Sketchbook

Activity 2: Make your own Watercolor Sketchbook

Meandering Journal

Meandering Journal

Leader: Jodie McGovern

Never be without your favorite paper in a sketchbook again! Participants will first watch a demonstration of coptic bookbinding (A process of sewing paper into a book with an uncovered binding) to use later on their own. Then participants  will learn to take a 22×30 inch sheet of watercolor paper, fold and tear it into a sketchbook called a meandering journal.

If supplies are required registrants will be informed.

This activity will take place in a single location.


Coptic Binding

Coptic Binding

Activity 1: Architecture Walk

Activity 1: Architecture Walk

Leader: Allana Pierce

This activity merges a SketchCrawl with an Architecture Tour*. Sketchers will start from Palette & Chisel on a SketchCrawl that highlights interesting architecture in the area. At a handful of stops your guide will give a brief history of the building and highlight interesting architectural elements while you settle in to sketch. Other stops will be made as needed, depending on how long we’d like to spend at each sketch location! This activity will coincide with the morning class and finish at the lunch break before afternoon classes.

*Please note: this activity involves changing locations several times and walking between locations.

© Andrew Banks 2014

Architecture Walk stop at last summer’s seminar © Andrew Banks 2014

Confused about the difference between “Workshops” and “Activities”? Check out this explanation.


Meet our Instructors: Keelan Kaiser

keelan-photoKeelan has always loved to draw; he started young with imaginary cars and robots. His parents never discouraged him from drawing, probably they should have, because he was often in trouble in school because he drew a lot and didn’t read or do his math. He made his way from engineering to architecture as a major after stumbling through the first year of chemistry and material science and seeing how much fun the architects were having. He learned to draw like an architect in college at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln where he completed the M.Arch. with a specialty in representation and design.

He enjoys travel drawing, mostly the travel and gastronomical parts, but also the drawing. Most recently his drawing and painting has sought to hybridize an airy drawing technique, inspired loosely by the drawings of John Singer Sargent and Alberto Giacometti; with the Velasquez Palette of Burnt Siena, Ultramarine Blue, and Yellow Ochre, common to architectural watercolorists; as well as the rich and deep technique present in Chinese watercolor. Architectural watercolor artists Moh’d Bilbeisi, Douglas Lew, and Huck Scarry are also influential. While a professor of architecture at Judson University, he is largely a student.

At the seminar this summer Keelan will be teaching Workshop 10: Sketching Architecture with Velasquez Palette

Area of specialty in sketching (pen&ink, watercolor, people, architecture, etc). Pencil, Pen&Ink, Watercolor

keelan1 keelan2 keelan3

We’re always glad to have Keelan come sketch with us, but we’re also hoping that his lovely assistant will return again for this great workshop!

See more of Keelan’s work online at:

Meet our Instructors: Deb Donnelly

Deb_introDeb Donnelly is the owner of Giggles Caricatures by Deb and Tailtoons Pet Caricatures along with an online store where she has been creating caricatures of pets and people for the last seven years.

Headquartered in the Western Suburbs Deb does commissioned caricatures from photos as well as providing live entertainment with whimsical humorous drawings at a variety of events that include corporate functions, private parties and special events.

Her work has been featured in The Daily Herald, The Naperville Sun and other local publications. Her artwork hangs in private homes across the country.

In addition to operating a business as a full time artist Deb has extensive experience in graphic design. She has instructed a Watercolor Journaling class at a community college as well as an online class.

Deb has always kept a sketchbook and a journal but it was not until combining the two that it became a passion.

Deb is skilled in a various artist expressions including scrimshaw, life portraits, murals, commercial art and children’s book illustration.

At the seminar this summer she will teach Workshop 9: Enhanced Sketching – Mingling Watercolor with Words

deb3 deb2 deb1

Deb may be the first caricature artist we’ve had in Usk Chicago – watch out for a great rendering  if you get paired up with her for portraits!

See more of Deb’s work online:

Giggles Caricatures by Deb Donnelly

Tailtoon Pet Caricature Portraits on Facebook

The Caricature Shoppe on Etsy

Meet our Instructors: Andrew Banks

banks-headshot-for-web1Andrew Banks is an artist and freelance illustrator. Andrew works with watercolor, pen and ink and graphite and his subject of choice is architecture, architectural landscapes and city scapes.

Andrew has always enjoyed sketching, but it wasn’t until a 6 week study abroad trip to Europe in 2008 that solidified his passion for on location sketching. Visiting cities like Rome, Florence, Venice, Paris, Copenhagen, and Stockholm, Andrew was inspired by the ancient architecture, urban fabric and vibrant city life. For the duration of his trip, Andrew captured these experiences in sketchbooks, illustrating architecture and recording sights, sounds and smells of each new location.

Andrew started following the Urban Sketchers movement in 2008 and has been a member of USk Chicago since 2013. Andrew is a contributor to the USk Chicago Blog, one of the group’s administrators and an active contributor to the group’s social media accounts.

At the seminar this summer Andrew will be teaching Workshop 8: Perspective, Proportion, and Value for the Urban Sketcher.

Area of specialty

sketching architecture and architectural landscapes in pen and ink, graphite and watercolor.

andrew1LaSalle Spread WEBFlorence Cathedral WEBCarson Cottage, Lincoln Park WEBPikes Place WEB    Rome Spanish Steps WEB

Andrew is a Correspondent on the Usk Chicago blog and an admin on our Facebook group. His dedication and creative drive have been of great benefit to this group –we’re so glad he sticks around with us!

See more of Andrew’s work online: