Meet our Instructors: Wes Douglas

wes-introWes is a 30-year graphic design veteran who has shaped recognized brands by designing corporate identities, advertisements, product brochures, retail spaces, tradeshow booths and promotional vehicles (think Oscar Mayer Weinermobile).

Wes has been the “artist in residence” for brainstorming meetings, concept development sketches for consumer testing, and a sketch noter for corporate meetings (fun, memorable highlights from a meeting incorporating words, pictures and lots of fun colors). He is Co-founder and Director of the innovation agency Maddock Douglas Inc. in Elmhurst.

Wes became an Urban Sketcher in January 2013, but he has sketched nearly every day his entire life. He has sketched with many kinds of tools but his favorite ones for Urban Sketching are pen & ink and markers.

At the seminar this summer Wes will be teaching Workshop 2: Urban Sketching with Markers.

Area of specialty: Illustrating with markers

Wes1wes2 wes3

Wes is one of the admins for USk Chicago group, a USk Chicago Correspondent and an altogether wonderful guy! Be sure to say hello to Wes when you see him online or at a sketch meet. Oh, and sign up for his workshop!


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