Meet our Instructors: Don Colley

don-at-whole-foods-1-18-2014Don graduated with a BFA from the University of Texas, Austin. His illustrations have appeared in Inc. magazine, Playboy magazine, eCFO magazine, Andante Records, Faber-Castell USA, Inc. catalogs, as well as other publications. He taught drawing at Drexel University, Philadelphia PA. Don has exhibited regularly since 1983, and he currently shows with Carl Hammer Gallery in Chicago. He tours the country lecturing and presenting demonstrations on behalf of Faber-Castell USA, Inc.

Prior to attending his first Urban Sketchers Symposium in Portland in 2010, Don had kept a regular practice of documenting the urban scene for 30 years. Don has been sketching with USk Chicago since 2012.

At the seminar this summer Don will teach Workshop 7: Creating a Rich Drawing.

Area of specialty in sketching: people, architecture, and landscapes in pen & ink and watercolor

don2 don3 don1

Just watching Don and work can yield all sorts of tips for other sketchers. We’re so glad he’s offering his course again at the seminar this summer!

See more of Don’s work at:



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