Activity 4: Supply Speed Dating

Activity 4: Supply Speed Dating

© Andrew Banks 2014

© Andrew Banks 2014

Leader: Allana Pierce

Ever wondered what tools other Urban Sketchers use or what they’re like to work with? This activity will give you the chance to try 2-4 other Urban Sketchers’ setups and tools.  Participants will set up their urban sketching tools (chairs, notebooks, pens, paints, etc.) and prepare to make a sketch, BUT, before participants begin sketching, they will rotate to their left and sketch on their neighbors’ notebooks with their neighbors’ tools.  After sketching for a set time each participant will move to another location and try another sketcher’s tools!

If participants only occasionally bring along a seat, they are encouraged to bring it this time.

This activity will take place in a single location.

© Andrew Banks 2014

Trying out setups at last year’s “Supply Speed Dating” © Andrew Banks 2014



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