Preparing for the Seminar Part 1

The planning team is getting excited about the seminar in just a few short weeks, and to help you get excited too we’ll be posting things to help you prepare for the fun!

For the first part we bring you the seminar map:

2015 sketch seminar mapClicking directly on the image will open a larger version with the ability to zoom in.

Wondering what to do with the time between now and the seminar? You can print the map, save it to your phone, visit the locations in advance, plan where you’ll stop for lunch or plot out the routes between your workshops!

Don’t forget to keep an eye out for emails – some of your workshop instructors may send emails with preparation work or information about what else to bring!


In Three Days’ Time

We are so glad some of you have already registered for a great weekend & hope those of you who are undecided will decide to join us!

in three days' time

The Seminar is less than two weeks away! That means it’s time to start deciding exactly what to bring along with you for the weekend and time to persuade any hesitant friends to join us. But like in the fairy-tales there’s a time limit on registering for this art-filled weekend. Yes, registration is closing at the end of this week – Friday June 26th.
That leaves roughly three days’ time for any undecided artists to register and come along for the fun.

Still undecided? Check out our great new sponsors who have committed to helping the event. Send us and email or comment on any workshops you have questions about. You’ll notice that full workshops have been marked on the schedule so you can plan ahead. Visit our blog from last year’s seminar and read about what it was like the first time around.

We hope you’ll decide to join us!

Please make sure to get your registration in, we’re looking forward to spending a weekend with you!

Click Here for a page that explains the steps of registration and provides a link to register.

The Countdown Begins

Do you know what today is?


It’s June 11th – exactly one month from the Sketch Seminar!

This year’s seminar is shaping up to be even better than last year! With exciting new workshops – twice the number of last year – and repeats of favorites in case you missed your ideal workshop in 2014, this is a weekend you don’t want to miss.

Several great new sponsors have agreed support the seminar with gifts for registrants. Stillman & Birn has agreed to provide sketchbooks to participants again this year! Curious about some of this great swag? Click here to see our sponsors and start dreaming of all the great things in store.

If you haven’t registered yet, or know someone who is still undecided now is a great time to register!

Hope we see you next month!