Meet Our Instructors: Peggy Condon


Peggy Condon

Peggy has studied painting, drawing, mechanical drafting and landscape architecture, creating detailed drawings and creative landscape plans for clients. A workshop in marker rendering led to full color marker drawings of each garden design. Watercolors of large projects were created for final presentations. An interest in the work of architect Marion Mahoney Griffin influenced the development of interpretive drawings to depict how a landscape plan might look in 10 years when the plantings were more mature. A positive response to these imagined landscapes led to intensive study, especially in the design and maintenance of public gardens. These experiences still contribute to the decisions and techniques she employs in even the quickest sketch. As a member of USk Chicago since 2014, when Peggy participated in her first sketch seminar, she continues to explore sketching techniques. She is motivated by the encouragement of Urban Sketchers and the enthusiasm of previous “Team Sketching” workshops she has led. This positive energy, and skills developed through work and education in landscape design and drawing, have strongly influenced the evolution of this current “Team Sketching” workshop.

For Peggy, the most exciting pieces of this workshop are the conversations about technique, scale and proportion as students cooperate to produce the final “Team Sketch”. WS 16: Team Sketching – A Panoramic Party!


Sketch by Peggy Condon


Sketch by Peggy Condon

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