Sponsor Announcement: General Pencil Co.


We are super excited to announce General Pencil Company as a valued Sponsor for our Sketch Seminar in June! They have put together an interesting pack that was customized for our group. Each participant will receive a Sketch N Wash soluble graphite pencil, a Black Layout Pencil, a Midnight Blue Pastel chalk pencil and a Container of their Master’s Brush Cleaner. The brush cleaner is great for all types of paint and comes with instructions on how best to use it. Thank you General Pencils for your year after year support of of our group and for producing reliable products since 1889!

Make sure to visit General Pencil Co’s website, and follow them on social media!

Website: generalpencil.com
Facebook: @GeneralPencil
Twitter: @GeneralPencil
Instagram: @GeneralPencil

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