Workshop 2


Alex Zonis & MJ Ernst


Learn how to carry little and sketch a lot using fountain pens and ink!  This workshop will cover fountain pen anatomy and use, types of ink and how use them in sketching, and ink washes and special effects. Alex and MJ will talk about their favorite papers and demonstrate their setups. Water-soluble inks will be used to explore values and encourage a more loose, expressive sketching style. Color inks will be used for multicolor sketches for variety and artistic interest. This workshop will also cover the basics of fountain pen maintenance and include a nib tuning demonstration.


In this workshop, participants will

  • explore fountain pens as a sketching tool and ink as a sketching medium
  • learn to use a fountain pen for sketching
  • learn to paint with ink and ink washes
  • observe simple and lightweight sketching pen & ink setup



  • Pencil
  • White gel pen

2 thoughts on “Workshop 2

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