Workshop 6


Gabriel Campanario


If you are interested in becoming a better artist and urban sketcher, there’s nothing like drawing in a small sketchbook to fuel your motivation and sharpen your skills!  Pocket urban sketching allows you to respond rapidly to any sketching opportunity — and without calling too much attention from onlookers (hello, shy sketchers!). Through a series of exercises, you will learn useful contour drawing techniques, how to simplify complex scenes to make them fit on the page, and how to create dynamic page layouts.  The workshop also includes a review of Gabi’s urban sketching tools and useful drawing tips related to composition, perspective, tone and color. By the end of the class, you will have gained a basic understanding of what it means to be an urban sketcher and how to make on-location sketching a fun part of everyday life.


In this workshop, participants will

  • become comfortable with basic tools and techniques to practice urban sketching, including learning to sketch standing up;
  • gain familiarity with the small format of the pocket sketchbook;
  • explore layout principles to arrange drawings and writing on the pages;
  • learn basic tips to use watercolor successfully; and
  • gain drawing confidence by working through a sketch from beginning to end without starting over.


  • Pocket-sized Sketchbook
  • Ballpoint pen (for example: Bic Cristal)
  • Ink pen (for example: Uni-ball Signo, Micron Pigma)
  • Pencil (preferably an HB pencil)
  • Watercolors in a watercolor tray*
  • Brushes (for example: watercolor angle brush, Niji or Pentel water brush)
  • Rag towel or paper towels to dry brushes
  • Container for water


Additional hard and soft lead pencils (for example: 4H & 3B)

*Recommend using Daniel Smith tube watercolors and filling watercolor tray pans from the tubes a few days early so they can dry in time for the workshop.  Recommended colors:  Yellow Ochre, Burnt Sienna, Ultramarine Blue, Alizarin Crimson, Manganese Hue Blue, Hansa Yellow Medium.  For more details about Gabriel’s complete urban sketching kit click here:

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