Workshop 7


Jenny Zhang


Is perspective important? Yes, it is.

Is proportion important? Yes, it is.

Is accuracy important? Yes, it is. 

But we are not cameras, nor are sketches copies from printers. For Jenny Zhang, sketching is about taking risks, to experience something you don’t have 100% control of, and to capture the spirit of the moment rather than everything you see. In this workshop, you will be pushed out of your comfort zone and and learn how to loosen your lines – let the lines walk themselves across the paper!  You will also learn how to enhance these loose drawings with a touch of watercolor.


In this workshop, participants will

  • learn how to appreciate the world around them through sketching;
  • learn how to loosen their linework and control the rhythm of line density;
  • learn strategies to determine what to draw and not draw;
  • explore techniques for introducing a little watercolor into their loose sketches; and
  • achieve a great sketch with loose lines!


  • Watercolor sketchbook or 2-3 sheets of watercolor paper
  • Black pen (for example: Micron 01, 03, 08 or fountain pens with waterproof ink)
  • Water brush or watercolor brush
  • Watercolor paint set

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