Meet the Instructors

Say hello to Alex Zonis! Workshop 2: Fountain Pen World

Alex Zonis is a Chicago-based visual artist, an oil painter, and an Urban Sketcher.  As a painter, she participated in numerous group and solo exhibitions such as Oil Painters of America and International Guild of Realism. Her work can be found in private collections in USA, United Kingdom, Germany, France and Israel.

Alex is a contemporary realist painter working in oil paints.  Her artistic inspirations come from Dutch masters techniques, Caravaggio’s light handling, and Russian narrative painting.  She teaches Indirect Oil Painting in her studio in Chicago.

Alex is a founder of Urban Sketchers Chicago and has worked as one of the chapter admins since the beginning. She is proud to see the chapter grow from 4 people in 2012 to 1000+ members today. Alex has organized 4 Chicago Sketch Seminars starting in 2014 and is managing planning for the 2019 Seminar.  Alex was also the main local organizer for 2017 International USk Symposium in Chicago

Alex loves sketching on location and the community of artists that came together to share the joy, adventures and camaraderie that is Urban Sketching.  She hopes to share her love for sketching with fountain pens and inks and the romance of the old world mark-making tools through the Fountain Pen World workshop.

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