Meet the Instructors!

Meet Marek Badzynski! Workshop 12: Chicago Skyline with Fude Nib and Water-Soluble Graphite

Trained in Poland as an Architect, Marek Badzynski now spends evenings, weekend and vacations going around his city, Toronto, and other interesting destinations sketching what he want to remember most. This activity has brought him plenty of enjoyment, countless new friends, and the occasional sale, sponsoring his travels.  A true believer in “live like the locals do”, Marek favours small towns, with their original charm, over better known congested destinations. He sketches places to experience their unique character.

Marek’s sketching activity started during his time at University; as a student from underprivileged Eastern Europe, traveling West required planning and a way to address exponential cost of living abroad. While studying Italian language in Perugia, Marek tried sketching and selling his work, and has never looked back! His first customers were locals and tourists from all corners of the world, rich and poor but equally interested in urban sketches. His most memorable customer was the owner of a chocolate factory, grandson to the inventor of Baci Perugina – the chocolate with a hazelnut, wrapped in a multilingual love note! 

Currently involved with the Toronto Chapter, Marek has been pursuing Urban Sketching since 2011.  He participated in the 2017 Symposium and is currently looking forward to Amsterdam!

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