Meet the Instructors!

Meet John A Hancock! Workshop 10: Richness and Simplicity with Ink Pen and Brush

Even before studying art in college and grad school, John Hancock began “urban sketching,” regularly drawing among the brownstone buildings of downtown Wichita, Kansas. After college, he worked with an architectural historian and an archeologist to help them create a book chronicling the material culture of a once wealthy Southern town. For this book, John created drawings of whole buildings and specific details of the historic architecture. 

As an art and design professor, and now as an independent artist, John has continued his practice of

sketching in widely varied locations. His studio art has followed an arc from an early devotion to mid-western regionalism and Edward Hopper through the modernism of Cezanne, Kandinsky, and Gorky – yet in his sketching, John is an idiosyncratic classicist. 

In addition to helping administer his local Charlottesville chapter of USk, John attends sketch crawls, meet-ups, and throw-downs with other chapters in his region, and attended the Chicago International Symposium in 2017. For several years now, John has been writing a sketching blog ( and, late last year, also began to post his sketches on Instagram (hancock_john_a). As an independent curator, John is currently working with a regional art center on an exhibition of current urban sketching.

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