Meet the Instructors!

Say hi to Jenny Zhang! Workshop 7: Let Lines Walk on Paper: Cityscape Sketch with Loose Lines and LightColor

Jing Zhang has been sketching and drawing since she was a child. Growing up, she had the opportunity to sketch on location in over 15 cities in her native China, exploring a wide variety of media including ink pen, charcoal, gouache, pastels, acrylic, and paper cutting. She continued to develop a passion for both art and the built world, and in 2013, Jing graduated with a Master’s degree in Architecture from Texas A&M University. To this day, her architectural training shapes her sketch explorations, mirroring her professional use of sketching as an essential architectural design tool. 

Jing’s specialty is freehand ink drawings with light watercolor expression. Inspired by the quote from Paul Klee – “A drawing is simply a line going for a walk” –  she enjoys using loose lines and letting the line guide her on the paper. Jing joined Urban Sketchers Chicago in October 2016 and volunteered for the Symposium hosted by UskChicago. Jing’s work has been exhibited at June 2017 BLICK art show and has been featured on Instagram by institutes such as Urban Sketchers, UskChicago, the Chicago Athletic Hotel, the Blackstone Hotel, and ArtontheMart. Her ink and watercolor works were also implemented into client presentations at the firm Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture, where she works full-time as an architectural designer.

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