Sponsorship Announcement: Caran d’Ache

Caran d’Ache logo

We are so pleased to welcome back CARAN D’ACHE as a Sponsor for our #USkchicago2019 Sketch Seminar. They are providing 190 tubes of a Technalo graphite pencil, blending stump and a Grafcube in assorted colors. They are Sponsoring three of our workshops. Marek Badzynski‘s workshop “Chicago Skyline with Fude nib and soluble graphite“ is receiving 36 metal tin sets of 6 Technalo soluble graphite pencils with a water brush and the participants will have the full range of Grafcubes to work with. The “Go BOLD with Color Pencils” workshop, with Mark Jones, will receive thirty six 12ct Supracolor pencil sets. “Fountain Pen World“ workshop taught by Alex Zonis and MJ received 2 bottles of ink for their participants to use. And last but not least—a large graphite drawing set in a zippered case will be in our raffle for one lucky winner! Thank you CARAN D’ACHE for your generous support of USk Chicago! We cant wait to share your products with our participants!

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