Link to Registration Site

Happy Friday urban sketchers.

Here is a direct link to our registration site:
Registration opens at 10am CDT, 3/16. In the meantime, you may want to review the instructions as well as have a good idea on which workshops you’d like to register for. We have also updated our Registration page on this blog. Good luck tomorrow!

BookWhen site

Note: We recommend registering on a computer. A large screen will make the process easier.

If you’re registering from a mobile device, you will have to click the <- BACK button after selecting each workshop.

Ready, Set…

It’s almost time! Are you ready? Registration doors open Saturday, March 16 at 10:00 a.m. Chicago time (CDT).

All eighteen (!!!) workshop descriptions are listed here on the blog. With so many exciting choices it’s helpful to go to the list and make your choices now. You may want to make a few back-up picks in case you are closed out of some workshops. The schedule is here, too. You can scroll down and see previous posts or click on the tabs at the top of the blog for more registration information. 

We’re ready to get this party started. How about you?