When is the seminar?

July 11-12th 2015.

Where is the seminar?

Palette and Chisel, in Chicago, has graciously agreed to be our home-base for the seminar again this year. As this is an Urban Sketching seminar, workshops will be held in parks, plazas and sidewalks nearby.

How much does it cost?


How do I register?

Follow the detailed instructions on this page.

Can I pay by check, cash, or money order?

No, this year registration fees are only being accepted via Paypal.

What’s the difference between a “Workshop” and an “Activity”?

Workshops are sessions with learning goals that an instructor will try to help you reach by teaching new methods, techniques, etc.

Activities are free events (though you do need to register for them) lead by USKChicago Seminar Planners. Activities are more structured than our monthly meetups, but are not “instructed.”

What if I only want to attend the Activities, do I still have to register? What about the fee?

Yes, you do still need to register. All activities have a minimum number of participants to take place and if you don’t register we might cancel! If you are only attending free events register through the link provided. If you receive a Paypal invoice, please let us know via email!

Is “Dinner, Drinks, and Drawing” on Saturday night included in the $50 registration? Is it required?

No, it is not included in the registration cost and it is not required for attendees. But, we would love for you to join us after a fun day of sketching for food, conversation, and maybe even more art!

I want to attend “Dinner, Drinks, and Drawing” on Saturday night, how do I let you know?

We’re glad you want to come out with us! To reserve a spot select the dinner when registering. This will not take away from your four choices of workshops and/or activities.


9 thoughts on “FAQ

    • We are finalizing the program and will publish it shortly. But it is not a secret as we will likely follow last year’s timings: AM sessions will start at 9:30 AM and PM sessions at 2:00 PM. Thanks for the question!


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  2. I have a disability that affects my ability to walk far & stand still. I can sit without a problem. I would like to attend with my friends. My question is — are any of the sketch opportunities in doors and stationary? Thanks.


    • Julie,
      Due the nature of Urban Sketching there will not be any indoor classroom style workshops . Many workshops and activities are stationary, but all workshops will be outdoors and involve walking, some a lot, and some just to a location. Also there is the possibility that a workshop will need to relocate due to the nature of sketching outside in a city. All participants are welcome – even encouraged – to bring along sketch stools, but only you know if this would fit your needs. If you are interested in a specific workshop, please feel free to contact that instructor for more information by commenting on the specific workshop page. If you would prefer a more private conversation, please email us.


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