Sponsor Announcement: Quarto Publishing Group


How exciting is it to have Quarto Publishing Group USA as a Sponsor of our sold out #uskchicago2018 Sketch Seminar in June?! They have been a longtime supporter of Urban Sketchers Chicago. They publish the very informative, high quality Urban Sketching Handbook series as well as numerous other titles. Each Handbook is well written, contains tons of tips and techniques and plenty of illustrations to help with your learning process. We will have 11 books to hand out at our Closing ceremonies raffle. Are you ready for the list?: we will have 3 Sketch Now, Think Later books by Mike Daikubara – who is one of out talented Seminar instructors and has agreed to sign our copies, 3 Urban Sketch packs : books bundled with a sketchbook attached, and one of each of their 4 Urban Sketching handbook titles. Every participant will find a flyer in their complimentary goody bag with some information on each title and a limited time 40% off coupon that was created especially for our group. Thank you Quarto Publishing Group USA for your continued support and all of your education efforts to promote Urban Sketching, we are so grateful for your support.

Please visit Quarto’s website and social media to learn more:

WebQuarto Publishing Group USA
Facebook: @QuartoKnows
Twitter: @quartoknows


Sponsor Announcement: Hahnemühle


We are thrilled to announce Hahnemühle as a valued Sponsor for our #USkChicago2018  June Sketch Seminar! As the adorable Red Rooster on their logo states, they have been making high quality paper in Germany since 1584. They are leaders in fine art printing, photography and traditional art paper production. This is Hahnemühle’s first time Sponsoring our Seminar and they responded in a huge way.
Each participant will receive a pack of 6″x9” sample paper of their 140lb Cezanne watercolor paper and the same size sample pack of their Grey Book toned paper. Both packs come with information on where to find their papers.
In addition, Hahnemühle sent a sketchbook of choice to all of our 18 instructors as well as the Administrators.

All of our Participants will have an opportunity to win a beautifully made Nostagie portrait A5 Sketchbook and a large Watercolor A4 sketcbook at our Raffle.

Most of you are familiar with this well respected Company, if you would like to know more, go to their website www.Hahnemuhle.com

Thank You Carol Boss Hahnemühle for your support of Urban Sketchers Chicago and all that you do to introduce these high quality products the US market. We are so pleased to have Hahnemühle as a treasured Sponsor !

Twitter:  @Hahnemuehle_USA
Instagram: @Hahnemuehle
Facebook:  @hahnemuehle

Sponsor Announcement: Stillman & Birn


Urban Sketchers Chicago is honored to announce Stillman & Birn as a sponsor of the #USkchicago2018 Sketch Seminar! We’re excited to share that this year each participant will receive a Beta series sketchbook in their goody bag! The Beta series sketchbook can handle a variety of media, including dry and wet media, to light wash, and even watercolor, and ink. It can hold a serious amount of water and is ideal if you like to add layers. In addition, every participant will receive a sample pack of every type of paper they produce to test out. If you are not familiar with these high quality sketchbooks, then you are in for a treat! Go to their website www.stillmanandbirn.com for a full run down of information on every type of sketchbook series they produce. Thank you Stillman & Birn for being a valued Sponsor and a continual supporter of our group and the larger Art Community! Please be sure to learn more about the Stillman & Birn brand and products here:

WebStillman & Birn
Facebook: @Stillmanandbirn
Twitter: @stillmanandbirn
Instagram: @stillmanandbirn

Sponsor Announcement: da Vinci Artist Brushes


We are very excited to have da Vinci Artist Brushes as a first time Sponsor of the #uskchicago2018 Sketch Seminar in June! They are the sole brush Sponsor for this event. And they responded in a massive way. Each participant will receive a Series 498 sz 2 Quill Casaneo Brush. da Vinci Artist Brushes debuted this well designed brush last year at the Global Symposium. It is produced especially for sketchers on the go. It has a sturdy shorter handle that fits nicely into most sketch kits and is the perfect size. It can hold a super fine/ crisp point but can pick up an astounding amount of water for quick large coverage washes. Did I mention they are Vegan ? This is the only brush you need to pack! You can find some great information on all of their brushes on their facebook page and on their website. Thank you da Vinci for your valued Sponsorship and support of USk Chicago!

da Vinci Artist Brushes
Instagram: davinci_artistbrushes_official
Facebook: @davinciartistbrushes

Sponsor Announcement: Canson

Canson Logo JPG

Urban Sketchers Chicago is excited to announce Canson’s sponsorship of the 2018 Sketch Seminar! Canson has been making paper since the 1500’s, and developed a special type of paper for hotair balloons in the late 1800’s!  Oh how lucky we are to have them as a valued Sponsor for our upcoming #USkChicago2018 Sketch Seminar in June.

Grab a coffee and a snack because the following list is pretty long… every participant will receive a 9×12” Mixed Media art board and a sample pack of Canson papers to test out. The following workshops, Uma Kelkar, Paul Ingold, and Adrianna Gasparich will be receiving the Aquarelle Heritage watercolor papers in a super heavy 300lb weight – in Rough, cold and hot pressed variations. So much Paper! Don Yang’s Plein Air Oil painting workshop participants will be receiving various sizes of the Canva art boards, made specifically for oil painting. Thank you Canson for your year to year commitment and support of all artists and Urban Sketchers of Chicago.

Make sure to visit the Canson website, and follow them on social media!

Web: http://en.canson.com/
Twitter: @CansonPaper
Instagram: @CansonPaper

Sponsor Announcement: Winsor & Newton


Urban Sketchers Chicago welcomes Winsor & Newton as a sponsor to our 2018 Sketch Seminar!  This will be Winsor & Newton’s third year as a Chicago Sketch Seminar Sponsor and we are excited to see the artwork that urban sketchers will create with their paints! All of the participants for Don Yang’s all day Plein Air painting workshop will receive 5 large tubes of Winsor& Newton oil paints. Their oil paints are always the right consistency and come in a dazzling array of colors, if you like to paint you should really check out Winsor& Newton paints.

Make sure to visit Winsor & Newton’s website, and follow them on social media!  Many thanks to Winsor & Newton from the entire USk Chicago community!

Website (North America): http://www.winsornewton.com/na/shop
Facebook: WinsorNewton
Twitter: @winsorandnewton
Instagram: @winsorandnewton