Sponsorship Announcement: Caran d’Ache

Caran d’Ache logo

We are so pleased to welcome back CARAN D’ACHE as a Sponsor for our #USkchicago2019 Sketch Seminar. They are providing 190 tubes of a Technalo graphite pencil, blending stump and a Grafcube in assorted colors. They are Sponsoring three of our workshops. Marek Badzynski‘s workshop “Chicago Skyline with Fude nib and soluble graphite“ is receiving 36 metal tin sets of 6 Technalo soluble graphite pencils with a water brush and the participants will have the full range of Grafcubes to work with. The “Go BOLD with Color Pencils” workshop, with Mark Jones, will receive thirty six 12ct Supracolor pencil sets. “Fountain Pen World“ workshop taught by Alex Zonis and MJ received 2 bottles of ink for their participants to use. And last but not least—a large graphite drawing set in a zippered case will be in our raffle for one lucky winner! Thank you CARAN D’ACHE for your generous support of USk Chicago! We cant wait to share your products with our participants!

Sponsorship Announcement: Blick Art Materials


For the fifth year in a row (including ’17 USk Symposium), Urban Sketchers Chicago is excited to announce Blick Art Materials sponsorship of the #USkchicago2019 Sketch Seminar and the Chicago urban sketchers community!

This year Blick Art Materials is supplying, sketchbooks, Pentel waterbrushes, plastic portable palettes and gift cards for our 190 goody bags. In addition they are sending $500 in gift cards for our raffle. Our event is successful because of our Sponsors and Blick is highly valued by USk Chicago. THANK YOU BLICK!

Sponsorship Announcement: Faber-Castell

Urban Sketchers Chicago is excited to have Faber-Castell‘s sponsorship of the #USkChicago2019 Sketch Seminar for the fifth year! Faber-Castell began supporting our artist community at our first Sketch Seminar in 2014, and we are honored to be able to continue to share their products with you! This year, each goody bag will have a PITT Artist Pen box of 8 (black), a PITT Artist Pen box of 6 warm and cool grey pens, and a bold broad black brush pen. In addition, graphite pencils and erasers are being provided for Gabriel Campanario‘s and Paul Heaston‘s workshops. Last but not least, our raffle will feature a 48ct PITT Pen collection and three Loom fountain pens. Thank you Faber-Castell for your continued support!!!

Make sure to visit Faber-Castell’s website, and follow them on social media!

Sponsor Announcement: KWZ Ink

Urban Sketchers Chicago welcomes KWZ Ink as a new sponsor to our 2019 Sketch Seminar! If you have fountain pens or like to use ink washes then please check out KWZ Ink, they have some awesome colors. They are generously sponsoring some of the inks for the Fountain Pen World Workshop. We cant wait to share your products with our sketchers. Thank you KWZ Ink!

Sponsor Announcement: Legion Paper

We are thrilled to announce Legion Paper as a new sponsor for our #USkChicago2019 Sketch Seminar! They sent mini test pads of Stonehenge paper for our goody bags and several large Stonehenge pads for our raffle. Please check them out if you are not familiar with them! Thank you Legion Paper!

Sponsor Announcement: Canson

Canson is a loyal supporter of USk Chicago and is once again one of our generous Sponsors of our Sketch Seminar. They are supplying Heritage paper for Paul Ingold’s workshop and mixed media 9”x12” boards for Aaron Elswick’s workshop. Every goody bag will have mini blocks of the cold, rough and hot press Heritage series paper. Thank you, Canson, for your continued support!

Sponsor Announcement: Field Artist

We are so happy to have @fieldartista as a new Sponsor for the 2019 Sketch Seminar! They sent 36 sketchbooks for our Fountain Pen World workshop being taught by Alex Zonis and MJ Ernst. Thanks for the support! Check out their site for great paint palettes and sketchbooks.

Sponsor Announcement: Chartpak

We are happy to have our longtime sponsor Chartpak back for our 2019 Sketch Seminar. Each participant will receive a Koh-I-noor Bristol smooth sketchbook, they are also sending Pelikan inks and @molotowheadquarters white paint pens for our “Fountain Pen World” workshop. A special thank you to @edbrickler for your efforts every year to bring us these fine art supplies. Thank you, Chartpak!