Thank You Sponsors: USk Chicago Sketch Seminar 2019


Check out this great video produced by Xana Jazmin and Mary Jo Ernst! This video highlights all the great art supplies and other donations provided by our generous sponsors. Photo credits go to our wonderful Seminar correspondents Adel Zhaneken, Rich Matheson, Natalia Gubernov, Marta Sitek, and Xana Jazmin.

Many thanks to our 2019 sponsors! The #USkChicago2019 Sketch Seminar could not have happened without their support.

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Meet the Instructors!

We’re happy and honored to welcome Gabi Campanario, founder of Urban Sketchers –

Meet Gabi Campanario! Workshop 6: Chicago in Your Pocket Sketchbook

Gabriel “Gabi” Campanario is a Seattle-based visual artist, illustrator, and journalist best known for his work as a staff artist at The Seattle Times and as the founder of Urban Sketchers. He is the author of Seattle Sketcher: An Illustrated Journal, and several books on urban sketching, including The Art of Urban Sketching: Drawing On Location Around the World.

A native of Barcelona, Gabi earned his degree in Journalism from the University of Navarra in Pamplona, Spain in 1992, and has resided in the United States since 1998. His career as a newspaper artist spans more than two decades working in newsrooms on both sides of the Atlantic, including La Vanguardia (Barcelona), The Reno-Gazette Journal (Nevada), Diario de Noticias (Lisbon), The Desert Sun (Palm Springs, Calif.), USA TODAY, and The Seattle Times.

Campanario’s work has been recognized by The Society of News Design, The Society of Professional Journalists, and The Society for Features Journalism, and was the subject of a five-month solo exhibit at Seattle’s Museum of History and Industry in 2014. As the founder of the Urban Sketchers nonprofit, Campanario’s advocacy of on-location sketching helped launch a global movement of artists and drawing enthusiasts whose motto is showing the world, one drawing at a time.

If you are interested in becoming a better artist and urban sketcher, there’s nothing like drawing in a small sketchbook to fuel your motivation and sharpen your skills!  Pocket urban sketching allows you to respond rapidly to any sketching opportunity — and without calling too much attention from onlookers (hello, shy sketchers!). Through a series of exercises, you will learn useful contour drawing techniques, how to simplify complex scenes to make them fit on the page, and how to create dynamic page layouts.  The workshop also includes a review of Gabriel’s urban sketching tools and useful drawing tips related to composition, perspective, tone and color. By the end of the class, you will have gained a basic understanding of what it means to be an urban sketcher and how to make on-location sketching a fun part of everyday life.

Meet the Instructors!

Meet Joann Harling Larsen! Workshop 9: Demystifying Drawing People in Urban Landscape

Joann started out her career as a Medical Illustrator and worked in medical centers in Chicago and New York City for many years. Some of the media she used included pen and ink, watercolor, airbrush, color pencil.  Outside of work, she painted figures and landscapes in oil, acrylic, and pastel.

Joann has been drawing her whole life. She just loves it, and still finds it enjoyably challenging! There are so many different ways to draw! 

Eventually, Joann moved into art directing for advertising agencies and for medical publications in both Chicago and New York City, all the while continuing her own work outside of the office. 

At this time, Joann was mostly concentrating on plein art painting. Most summers she would attend OxBow Artists Retreat in Michigan for intensive 2-week classes painting the landscape. After several exhibitions in Chicago and Portland, Oregon, Joann decided to get her MFA from University of Chicago and started teaching college classes, both studio and art history. Her classes took place at the University of Chicago, Benedictine, Harper, College of DuPage, Pacific Northwest College of Art.  For the past six years she has been teaching Fashion Illustration at College of DuPage.  Joann continues to show her work, including her fashion illustrations. 

Meet the Instructors!

Say hi to Jenny Zhang! Workshop 7: Let Lines Walk on Paper: Cityscape Sketch with Loose Lines and LightColor

Jing Zhang has been sketching and drawing since she was a child. Growing up, she had the opportunity to sketch on location in over 15 cities in her native China, exploring a wide variety of media including ink pen, charcoal, gouache, pastels, acrylic, and paper cutting. She continued to develop a passion for both art and the built world, and in 2013, Jing graduated with a Master’s degree in Architecture from Texas A&M University. To this day, her architectural training shapes her sketch explorations, mirroring her professional use of sketching as an essential architectural design tool. 

Jing’s specialty is freehand ink drawings with light watercolor expression. Inspired by the quote from Paul Klee – “A drawing is simply a line going for a walk” –  she enjoys using loose lines and letting the line guide her on the paper. Jing joined Urban Sketchers Chicago in October 2016 and volunteered for the Symposium hosted by UskChicago. Jing’s work has been exhibited at June 2017 BLICK art show and has been featured on Instagram by institutes such as Urban Sketchers, UskChicago, the Chicago Athletic Hotel, the Blackstone Hotel, and ArtontheMart. Her ink and watercolor works were also implemented into client presentations at the firm Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture, where she works full-time as an architectural designer.

Meet the Instructors!

Meet Jingo de la Rosa! Workshop 8: Think with Your Hands

Jingo M. de la Rosa is a commercial illustrator, art educator, and community artist based in Indianapolis, IN. He has created work for world-renowned organizations such as the NCAA, Duncan Toys, ’47 Brand Apparel, Eli Lilly & Co., and Sakura of America, among many others. Jingo is known in Indy as a leader in the art community. He is a founding Board Member and Creative Director for ArtSpeak, a non-profit organization that seeks to connect artists to the community through live events and new media. Jingo is also part of the organizing team for the Indianapolis chapter of CreativeMornings, a monthly breakfast-lecture for the creative community. 

As an arts educator, Jingo has made it a point to teach anywhere and everywhere. He is on the teaching artist roster with Arts for Learning (part of the national affiliate for arts education and integration, Young Audiences) where he has several teaching residencies in and outside of Indianapolis. Jingo is also an art instructor at the Indianapolis Art Center, where he teaches illustration for adults and digital art for teens. Apart from his profession, he also loves to sketch, inspiring his involvement with Urban Sketchers Chicago, and his work as one of the regional administrators for Urban Sketchers Indianapolis.

Meet the Instructors!

Meet John A Hancock! Workshop 10: Richness and Simplicity with Ink Pen and Brush

Even before studying art in college and grad school, John Hancock began “urban sketching,” regularly drawing among the brownstone buildings of downtown Wichita, Kansas. After college, he worked with an architectural historian and an archeologist to help them create a book chronicling the material culture of a once wealthy Southern town. For this book, John created drawings of whole buildings and specific details of the historic architecture. 

As an art and design professor, and now as an independent artist, John has continued his practice of

sketching in widely varied locations. His studio art has followed an arc from an early devotion to mid-western regionalism and Edward Hopper through the modernism of Cezanne, Kandinsky, and Gorky – yet in his sketching, John is an idiosyncratic classicist. 

In addition to helping administer his local Charlottesville chapter of USk, John attends sketch crawls, meet-ups, and throw-downs with other chapters in his region, and attended the Chicago International Symposium in 2017. For several years now, John has been writing a sketching blog ( and, late last year, also began to post his sketches on Instagram (hancock_john_a). As an independent curator, John is currently working with a regional art center on an exhibition of current urban sketching.

Meet the Instructors!

Meet Lisa Flahive! Workshop 11: Capturing Chicago’s Rhythm and Energy

Lisa Flahive is most widely known for her expressive drawings and watercolors of jazz musicians, created live, in the moment, on the bandstand. This type of work allows her to improvise, react, and communicate with the musicians. Lisa chooses watermedia because it reflects the life of the music and must be created boldly, in the moment.

Lisa has a B.F.A. in painting from Michigan State University but has recently become far more interested in drawing. For the last three winters, she has returned to school to study classical figure drawing at Studio Escalier in Paris. This has dramatically changed the direction and focus of her work. 

Lisa paints and draws what inspires her, such as cafes or chefs in the kitchen. She also loves to capture the energy of a city in her vibrant street scenes, and paints many en plein air, at night. Lisa is the artist in residence for Chateau Chantal Winery in Traverse City, MI and paints live on the bandstand every Thursday during their popular Jazz at Sunset summer series. This season her artwork will be featured on several wine labels as well as the cover for the 25th anniversary Jazz at Sunset CD (released December 2018).

Meet the Instructors!

Meet Marek Badzynski! Workshop 12: Chicago Skyline with Fude Nib and Water-Soluble Graphite

Trained in Poland as an Architect, Marek Badzynski now spends evenings, weekend and vacations going around his city, Toronto, and other interesting destinations sketching what he want to remember most. This activity has brought him plenty of enjoyment, countless new friends, and the occasional sale, sponsoring his travels.  A true believer in “live like the locals do”, Marek favours small towns, with their original charm, over better known congested destinations. He sketches places to experience their unique character.

Marek’s sketching activity started during his time at University; as a student from underprivileged Eastern Europe, traveling West required planning and a way to address exponential cost of living abroad. While studying Italian language in Perugia, Marek tried sketching and selling his work, and has never looked back! His first customers were locals and tourists from all corners of the world, rich and poor but equally interested in urban sketches. His most memorable customer was the owner of a chocolate factory, grandson to the inventor of Baci Perugina – the chocolate with a hazelnut, wrapped in a multilingual love note! 

Currently involved with the Toronto Chapter, Marek has been pursuing Urban Sketching since 2011.  He participated in the 2017 Symposium and is currently looking forward to Amsterdam!