Update 3/5/2018 

WS1 Aaron Elswick – Fake It Until You Make It: An Introduction to Sketching the Urban Environment

WS2 Adriana Gasparich – How to Sketch Landscape City Spaces

WS3 Amy Larsen – Tools for Urban Sketching

WS4 Barbara Weeks – Sketching Wherever, Whatever, Whenever … Simple as 1-2-3

WS5 Don Colley – Creating a Rich Drawing

WS6 Don Yang – Urban Sketching In Oil Paint (all day)

WS7 Ingrid Albrecht – Sketching Drama with Crystals

WS8 Jingo de la Rosa – Dear Diary: Sketchbooks as Journals

WS9 Joel Berman – How to Sketch Like an Architect (all day)

WS10 Kordt Larsen – Photographing & Promoting Your Sketches

WS11 Lisa Flahive – Capturing Chicago’s Rhythm and Energy

WS12 Marc Holmes – Tea Milk and Honey – Seven Years Later: Latest thinking on expressive watercolor sketching.

WS13 Mark Jones – It’s All in the Details: Expressing Architectural Details, Ornament, and Building Elements with Color Pencils

WS14 Mike Daikubara – Sketch NOW Think Later

WS15 Paul Ingold – Light & Shadow – Urban Sketching with Pen and Watercolor

WS16 Peggy Condon & Don Colley – Team Sketching – A Panoramic Party!

WS17 Uma Kelkar – Gray Matter: Using gray to tie two contrasting colors in two washes for lively and quick sketching

WS18 Wes Douglas – Sketching Vehicles the Urban Sketchers’ Way

4 thoughts on “Workshops

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  2. Yesterday I recieved a email with this message:
    A place has become available for:

    WS 04 – BARBARA WEEKS – Sketching Wherever, Whatever, Whenever…Simple as 1-2-3

    Date 16 Sat 2 Jun, 10:00am – 1:00pm and that I have 48 hours to book the work shop. I have hit the book button several times and am not sure it it booked me for this work shop which I really want and cancelled another workshop I had scheduled at same time to go to Barbara Weeks workshop which I want to attend more. How do I know that my name in is on this workshop and that I am now booked for it? I really want to go to this workshop. Same for the Marco Taro Holmes one if I end up getting selected for it.


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