Click on a workshop title to learn more about it.

Workshop 1: Beginning Urban Sketching

Instructor: Barbara Weeks

A class to get you started Urban Sketching both in theory and practice.

Workshop 2: Urban Sketching with Markers

Instructor: Wes Douglas

Learn how to create many of the same effects as watercolor without the messy clean up.


Workshop 3: How to Sketch like an Architect

Instructor: Joel Berman

Students will learn how to rapidly document the buildings in their own graphic vocabulary, interior and exterior.


Workshop 4: Urban Sketching Undercover

Instructor: Ted Gordon

From what you wear to how you layout the sketch, this class is full of new methods for sketching  people in urban settings without them noticing.


Workshop 5: Capturing People in Motion

Instructor: Angie Hauch

Learn gesture drawing techniques to sketch people faster and give their motion context in an urban setting.


Workshop 6: Urban Sketching with Color Pencils

Instructor: Mark Jones

Bring color and depth to your sketches utilizing color pencils along with graphite and pen.


Workshop 7: Creating a Rich Drawing

Instructor: Don Colley

This workshop will address strategies of opening the drawing and setting up the page to further develop features.


Workshop 8: Perspective, Proportion, and Value for the Urban Sketcher

Instructor: Andrew Banks

This workshop simplifies formal perspective, proportion, and value techniques into easy to master, practical methods for building a sketch from the ground up.


Workshop 9: Enhanced Sketching – Mingling Watercolor with Words

Instructor: Deb Donnelly

Learn easy steps combining words with drawings to enhance your sketching experience.


Workshop 10: Sketching Architecture with Velasquez Palette

Instructor: Keelan Kaiser

This workshop teaches hybridizing the Velasquez palette with Chinese watercolor techniques.


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