Workshop 2: Urban Sketching with Markers

Instructor: Wes Douglaswes2

Workshop description:

Sketching with markers is surprisingly simple to do and versatile as a tool for on-location sketching. Learn how to create many of the same effects as watercolor without the messy clean up.

Learning goals:

Attendees to this workshop will learn:

  • basic coloring for flat areas of color
  • blending two or more colors
  • how to create the illusion of shape and dimension
  • how to create gradations of color
  • different effects from chisel tips
  • how to prevent your linework from bleeding
  • what papers work best for markers


Supplies list:

  • pencil and eraser
  • Sharpie Fine Point marker
  • Black pen for linework (I have used everything from a black ballpoint pen to a Uniball Vision Micro Gel pen and Sharpie Extra Fine Point for my linework. I have even used a Prismacolor Black colored pencil). Bring what you are most familiar with.
  • I suggest a starter kit of basic colors that you can get from Blick Art Stores or a set of quality markers from Copic, Pitt or Prismacolor. If you already have a set of markers, bring what you have.
  • A pad or sketchbook suitable for markers or watercolors.



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