Workshop 5: Capturing People in Motion

Instructor: Angie Hauchangie3

Workshop description

Sketching people in public can be uncomfortable for both the artist and the subject, but it doesn’t have to be! In this workshop students will learn how to incorporate portraiture into their urban sketches.  The class will loosen up with a series of quick figurative studies where we will discover the “line of action” in a pose and review the steps of a successful gesture drawing. We will explore the basic contours and shapes that make up the human anatomy and learn the major zones of the face. We will partner up and practice capturing a likeness by studying each other’s bone structures, hairlines, and expressions. Lastly, we will walk through some tips on using contour to draw crowds.

This class is appropriate for all-level artists.


  • Learn or improve gesture drawing techniques.
  • Construct faster figurative forms with lines and shapes.
  • Put a crowd of people in context of an urban sketch.
  • Feel less awkward sketching strangers.

Supplies list

  •  Sketchbooks
  • Preferred drawing mediums*

*I recommend dry looser mediums for quick sketching: pencils, pen/ink, charcoal, vine charcoal, pastels.


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