Workshop 9: Enhanced Sketching–Mingling Watercolor with Words

Instructor: Deb Donnellydeb3

Workshop description:

We will touch on:

  • Contour drawing
  • Blind Contour Drawing
  • Negative Space
  • Filling the page

Then we’ll learn some quick lettering techniques and coloring tips using either or both watercolor pencils or watercolor palette (Field Kit). These are easy steps combining words with drawings to enhance sketching experience.

Anyone can do this whether you are experienced or just starting out.

Learning goals

Learn some quick observation skills that will help you to quickly record what you see. Add in some cool lettering to make your pages POP!

Supplies list

  • a sketchbook*
  • an old white sock
  • a water brush (travel kind)
  • colors:
    • Watercolor Pencils: a minimum of yellow, bright blue, and magenta  OR
    • Watercolor Palette/ Field Kit
  • sketch stool strongly suggested
  • optional: bottle of water– you might get thirsty!

*Any kind will do: Watercolor paper, Drawing paper, Wire bound hard bound even a lined journal will work for this workshop– it is up to you! What ever you are bringing to the seminar will work.



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