WS 02 – How to Sketch Landscape City Spaces

Instructor:  Adriana Gasparich


Do you want to learn how to sketch city spaces where you live or visit, in a landscape format? Do you want to show the overall feeling of a place? Then this workshop is for you!

Learning Goals:

The participant will learn:

  • To focus on scaling the sketch to fit the size of the paper.
  • To tackle the overwhelming space (scene) by thinking in big shapes.
  • To anchor a shape in its surroundings by showing how it fits in space.
  • To keep proportions right by focusing on the distance between shapes, on
    their relative sizes and the shape of negative space.
  • To think of lines as boundaries between light and dark areas.
  • To make the sketch pop, using value and color.

Supply List:

Sketching materials preferred by the participants.

Must-have materials: sketchbook and pencil