WS 04 – Sketching Wherever, Whatever, Whenever … Simple as 1-2-3

Instructor:  Barbara Weeks


Facing the blank sketchbook page and at a loss for what to sketch? Want to
show your personal reaction to the scene in front of you? In this workshop you’ll practice simple steps to sketch what is in front of you, wherever you are, with the artist vision inside you, and your personal reaction to the location. Show YOUR world one drawing at a time.

Learning Goals:

  1. Learn to focus quickly and with confidence on location wherever you are
  2. Learn to explore close up, midrange, and vistas as composition
  3. Learn to express a personal view/story of the scene

Supply List:

Participant’s preferred sketchbook and portable media, minimally a sketchbook and pencil, pen, or marker.


  • Portable stool
  • Chicago weather can change quickly:
    • Sun Hat
    • Sweater or windbreaker