WS 07 – Sketching Drama with Crystals

Instructor:  Ingrid E. Albrecht


Are you thinking about the impact or WOW FACTOR your sketch will have when
completed? This session will show you some ideas of how to keep your work
simple, using design and not just copying what is before you. You are in the driver’s seat, the designer, and have the ‘artistic license’ to alter components of your sketch for more impact. During this process we will be using Walnut Crystals that leave lovely warm washes and accents.

Learning Goals:

HOW to get drama and energy into sketches

Supply List:

  1. 1 watercolor sketchbook (preferably one with watercolor paper)
  2. 1 SAKURA Pigment Micron Pen – Black ink, size 02
  3. Watercolor brushes – 1 Round and 1 flat
  4. Small butchers tray or surface for mixing
  5. Small water container and water bottle
  6. Small sponge