WS 10 – Photographing & Promoting Your Sketches


Instructor:  Kordt Larsen


Art needs to been seen to be appreciated. Now it is easier than ever before if you
have a few simple tools and apps. This seminar will share best practices for:

  • Making good lighting choices
  • Simply capturing your sketch with phone or point-and-shoot cameras
  • Correcting any color casts and basic level retouching
  • Creating social media and web posts on your phone, using free or low-cost apps like Adobe Spark Post
  • Essential accounts for self-promotion: Facebook Page, simple web pages using templated development tools, Twitter, Instagram, Flicker, et al.
  • Connecting with art patrons through LinkedIn, Patreon, et al. and developing e-commerce
  • Best Practices for sharing, including automating the process
  • Using web analytics to measure the effectiveness of your sharing

Learning Goals:

To give any artist a way to share and promote their art to the world at large

Supply List:

Best for participants to bring their phones. Tablets and laptops are optional.