WS 11 – Capturing Chicago’s Rhythm and Energy


Instructor:  Lisa Flahive


Chicago is a vibrant city overflowing with wonderful things to sketch, but sometimes those details can be overwhelming, especially when working in ink. This workshop will focus on creating energetic sketches of lively urban spaces without an eraser. We’ll use bold greyscale markers to loosen up and lessen our fears. We will experiment with loose, flowing lines to get a sense of what Chicago feels like, rather than get bogged down in excessive detail.

Learning Goals:

Participants will learn to confidently capture the energy of a street by using:

  • Dynamic composition with a focal point
  • Line and shape
  • Strong sense of value
  • Connected shapes to unify the sketch

Supply List:

  • Sketchbook
  • One or more technical pens (black ink)
  • Markers – black and two or more gray values (the instructor will demonstrate with Copic Wide Markers and Pitt Big Brush markers, but participants may bring any sketching material that allows them to create a range of values.)