WS 14 – Sketch NOW Think Later


Instructor:  Mike Daikubara


This is a crash course in Location Sketching for anyone who has limited time and wants to bring more sketching into their already busy daily lives. Looking for the perfect subject, angle, composition, materials and tools to use can take lots of time and bog you down even before you start sketching. The workshop approach is to bring these down to the essentials of a few tools, a few techniques and a few approaches, so you can enjoy what you like to do in the first place: To jump right into sketching anytime, anywhere, and in any situation!

Learning Goals:

  1. Sketching within a limited amount of time allows you to create better-looking work, since it allows you to concentrate harder.
  2. Sketching with a limited amount of tool sets allows you to approach sketching situations faster.
  3. Sketching with a limited amount of techniques allows you to capture the moment faster.

Supply List:

  1. Sketchbook. My personal favorite is the Stillman & Birn Alpha series.
  2. Pen – Recommended: Fude fountain pen with converter. Sailor makes a nice
    one, as well as other manufacturers such as Hero and Duke.
    **Please Note: Most ink cartridges that come with fountain pens are not waterproof.
    Please purchase a converter to fill it with a waterproof ink listed below.
  3. Ink: Since we will be using watercolor on top of the lines, it is best to use a converter for the fountain pens and choose an ink that is waterproof. Noodler’s Lexington Gray works very well, and so does Platinum Carbon Ink.
  4. Water brush. One brush will easily last you a couple of years! Medium tip is a nice size.
  5. Water color kit. Any water kit is fine, but if you do not have one, a nice intro kit can be purchased from Sakura Koi. I used the Koi for years, but then later I continued to use the outer case with colors removed and new colors added in from Holbein.