WS 16 – Team Sketching – A Panoramic Party!

Instructor: Peggy Condon & Don Colley


Team Sketching will explore methods used to describe a complex urban environment. Each participant’s sketch will be one slice of a pie of overlapped drawings that convey a large continuous scene. Each artist will have the modest responsibility to frame and develop their adjacent view. Divide and conquer.

Learning Goals:

Participants will work on these basic skills:

  • Tackle a scene and not be overwhelmed by the scale.
  • Identify measurable vertical and horizontal units and show them in your drawing.
  • Learn to divide and conquer a complex scene with the help of several partners.
  • Use your sketches to estimate the location of people, vehicles, plants and architectural elements.
  • Discover how others solve the same problems through their own personal aesthetics and approaches.


  • A sketchbook 5” x 7” or 8½” x 11”
  • 9×12 surface to sketch on
  • A couple of binder clips, sketching tools
  • A small ruler
  • A sense of FUN could be one of the most important attributes bring and build on.
  • Paper will be provided for final project

Instructors will send little “cheat sheets” to participants, along with references to websites that show examples of this workshop. Hint: one of those folks will be teaching your class.

Cheers! And we’ll see you this summer.