WS 18 – Sketching Vehicles the Urban Sketchers’ Way


Instructor:  Wes Douglas


Cars and trucks are an important part of the urban landscape. We will practice a
simple four-step process for sketching vehicles and then spend some time looking
for clues on how we can tell a story about the people who drive them. This is a new
and improved version of my 10 x 10 workshop.

Learning Goals:

4 facets that students will explore in “Sketching the Personalities of Urban Vehicles:”

  1. Shape: Break the vehicle down to basic shapes, and then build up.
    What has influenced the shape of vehicles over the years?
  2. Separation: Section off engine, seating and storage compartments.
    What determines the shape/size of each vehicle?
  3. Shading: Add shading, color, contrast and definition.
    Do I need any special tools or skills to draw vehicles, and is there a medium that works best for sketching cars?
  4. Storytelling: What are the details that reveal the story?
    Researchers have found that people instinctively attach human personality traits to cars, and that the choice of color, style and how they care for their cars says a lot about them.

Supply List:

  • Sketchbook of your choosing
  • Bring any supplies that you are most comfortable using
  • Additional sponsor supplies may be an added bonus